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Your Name Tag Could Make ALL The Difference

by Fabienne Frederickson

What I’ve noticed from years and years of successful networking

Nametagsis that there are smart ways to wear your name tag and ways to avoid wearing it. This may seem like an inconsequential detail but it really can make ALL the difference in attracting more clients.

The first thing is WHERE to put your nametag or sticker. Most people are right-handed and if you put your sticker or name tag on the left, you make it more difficult for the person to actually see your name. Put it on the RIGHT instead, and it falls directly into their line of vision.

I usually only write my first name, in large letters, instead of my full name. You just want to give them enough info to get them to remember your first name (they don’t really need your last name until later, and they’ll get that when you exchange business cards).

I also don’t always put the name of my company, instead preferring to put WHAT I do, which is more Client Attractive. I’ll give you an example: A while back, I was on my way out of a networking meeting with my coat in hand and someone stopped me right in my tracks. I’d written “Fabienne, Business Coaching” on my name tag in BIG BOLD letters instead of crowding the little sticker with my last name, the name of my company, etc.

Well, he stopped me and said, “Hey – you do business coaching? I need that. Can we talk?” If I’d just put the name of my company (which was not very descriptive at the time) or kept a lot of info crammed into that small space, there’s no way he would have been able to read it and no way would he have stopped me in my tracks.

It can make a big difference. Now when I network I just put the following on my name tag: FABIENNE, CLIENT ATTRACTION. People always seem to ask what that means and it gets a conversation started (which is what you want).

Oh, and by the way, that guy who stopped me in my tracks? He became my client that same week and stayed for well over 6 months.

Your Assignment:

The moral of the story is, make it simple! Keep it to your first name, write it BIG, write WHAT you do (perhaps a descriptive about the results you get for people) instead of the name of your company, and lastly, put your name tag high UP on your right shoulder, so that it’s in their line of vision. It can make ALL the difference in whether you grab someone’s attention or not and in turning networking colleagues into clients.

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