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Are you a creative artistic individual with a bent more towards the right brain side.? Do you have a book inside of you that yearns to be written and be published? And perhaps like us, you are put off by technology. And so your book is still siting on your hard drive. And it’s been sitting there for quite a while. And every once in awhile you go to that folder on your computer where the book sits and you just fantasize – what if I finished it, what if it was published, what if I were an author. Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’m here to tell you to stop fantasizing and take action to make it happen. If two very right brained creative artistic women can write a book and get it published (there’s a clue here) – then You Can too.

Key Point #1 – Play full out

You have a book inside of you and you know it will benefit other people. Then what are you waiting for? Write your book, finish it, and get it published. You have a responsibility to get your passion out to your target market and to the world. You’re doing a disservice if you don’t.

Key Point #2 – Take baby steps every day to Release the fear

So the technology scares you, or is confusing, or is too hard to learn. These are some of the excuses you might be using. We used them too but, we didn’t let it stop us!

When you cave in to your fears and let them rule, they will self-sabotage you. In this way you are allowing your lower self to gain the upper hand and run your life. Is this the way you want to live your life? I prefer to come from my higher self.

Sure we have fears. Who doesn’t? But we face those fears head on and walk right through them. Is it easy? NO. We won’t lie to you. However, if you face the fear by taking small baby steps every day, You Can make headway in pushing past the fear.

Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said – “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Key Point #3 – Get out of your own way and ask for help with the technology

Listen we speak from experience here and everyone knows that experience is a great teacher. Okay, so you have a desire to write a book to benefit your market or your book is written and waiting and waiting to be published. Now what happens. You’re stuck. You’re taking baby steps daily to push past your fears. Great. And even doing that, the technology is bogging you down. You have a passion to write, not do formatting. So what do you do?

A suggestion for you is to stop trying to do it all yourself. Take another baby step this time in the direction of asking for help. And you will discover that everything becomes so much easier..And your book gets published.

Do some market research and find the person who would be best for your needs.

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16 Responses to “YES YOU CAN”

  1. Sandi,

    Great post! Motivational, insightful, informative. And on the money.

    I’m not afraid of technology. Well, only the scary kind. ;)

    The above describes me a tad. I’m still collecting insight and observations. Though my eventual book would not be on a topic or genre you currently identify me with.

    I appreciate your words of advice.

    Surprisingly, content and editing is something I’m called upon for more often these days. And I know the tech. So, if ever you need a collaborator when advising clients, please do feel comfortable calling on me.


  2. Keri,

    Thank you so much. I so appreciate you and your comments.

    From reading your post earlier today, the opportunity presented itself to see you in a different way. I’d be very interested in reading your eventual book Keri.

    And I would be honored if the need arises to collaborate with you.


  3. Fantastic Sandi, great encouragement for would be writers.

  4. Hi Joel,

    Happy New Year.

    Glad you liked this post. I had so much inspiration while writing it.

  5. Sandi,

    Wonderful post. It ties in quite well with my month-long “Catapult Creativity” theme. So many people get into a rut and think they can’t reach out to the public and their potential customers in new and unique ways. Like an eBook. So many ideas go unheard because they go unpublished, be it in a book, a blog, or even a social media feed.

    One caveat, from the girl with the news background…think editor as well as technical assistance. Nothing spoils a unique read like a poorly edited manuscript.

    Happy 2012.

  6. Mallie,

    Thank you so much for your insightful comments.

    And you are so right, editing is a major piece of any writing.

    I tend to forget sometimes as my business partner is a copywriter/editor.

    I’d be open to having you as a guest commentator on our blog.

    And Happy Healthy Profitable 2012 to you.

  7. Sandi, congratulations on publishing a Kindle book! You make great points that I’m sure will be handy to remember when going through this process. I’d love to write a book someday!

  8. Thanks so much Karleen. We are thrilled. There’s already one spot on review on Amazon for the book. And we have great 3 reviews inside the book.

    And thanks for your comment on my post.

    Karleen YOU CAN write your book NOW. Tip: take several of your top posts on one topic and combine them into an mini e book.

    Please let me know how I can help you.


  9. Thanks for the read. I had to laugh at key point 3 as I am usually the one explaining the technology. I like that you encourage others in this area.

  10. Thanks so much Dawn for your comments. So many people need encouragement and that’s really all it takes to set them on their path to greatness.

    And I appreciate getting comments from tech folks.

  11. Great article, I am a right brainer and I learn manly by doing but agree with your point#3
    we cannot be experts in everything, knowing when it is time to stop trying and ask professional help is crucial not only in book writing:-)

  12. Thank you so much Anne. I do appreciate your comments.
    And I love connecting with other right brainers.

  13. Sandi, It seems that just about everyone has some fear of something in the internet marketing realm. As with so many, mine is mostly the technical side of marketing. As you say I’m an artist, not a marketer, but I’m learning and having fun along the way.

  14. Ellene, thank you much for your comments. They are appreciated.
    And yes it’s so important to keep learning and have fun along the way in whatever area we are engaged.

    The gal whose site I recommended on the post is herself an artist and an engineer and very creative.

  15. Hey Sandi :)

    Great post! I have a social enterprise that teaches women how to employ technology to better their employment or business prospects and the whole of the first day of the course is based on fear and how to get past it and harness it.

    Fear of the unknown, of feeling inadequate, of failure and so on are huge barriers to the success of most peoples endeavours. I also find that being a little scared actually makes me perform better, so it is partially about harnessing the fear rather than getting rid of it totally.

    I love technology and tend to be an early adopter. I am also a writer/editor/content strategist by trade by that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes need a little help and support along the way and I have learned to ask for it when I need it (I am terrible with Photoshop for instance, my brain just does not compute it).

  16. Kittie thanks so much for your great comments. My hat is off to you and your social enterprise for making a difference in women’s lives.

    Yes fear is so insidious. Many people don’t even realize what it is that is holding them back.

    And you are absolutely correct, it is about harnessing the fear.

    I’m learning to feel more comfortable around technology, but do ask for help when it’s absolutely needed.

    Photoshop is on my list.

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