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What Are You Waiting For? It’s Time To Share Your Story

I attended a very moving presentation on Sunday afternoon. The speaker, an eighty-six year old gentleman was sharing his life story with an audience.  And even though the story is horrific in nature  because of what happened to him and to so many others, he shares his story for several reasons one of which is to help other people to know that life is indeed precious and is meant to be lived fully.


He has received hundreds of letters from people of all ages telling him how much his story meant to them. His story of faith and renewal in the human spirit even while suffering deeply at the hands of others has helped countless people realize that life has meaning for them as well  and it is their responsibility as human beings to live fully and to be appreciative of what life gives us.


If this remarkable gentleman can share his story of love and forgiveness, then it is the responsibility of all people to share their story – stories that can make a difference and can change lives.


You will never know the difference you can make even if you touch just one life unless you make the effort.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to share your story with the world.



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2 Responses to “What Are You Waiting For? It’s Time To Share Your Story”

  1. Sandy, you never know the impact someone can make when they share their story. I went back to the home I sold 6 months ago and although I was not happy about the sale, it has a happy ending that I have been thinking of sharing because it may help someone in the same situation. Thanks for writing this piece.

  2. Sherrie, so glad that I helped to give you a little nudge in the right direction.

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