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Walking In Nature: A Spiritual Exercise

 Saturday was a lovely perfect Spring day in Portland, OR,  not too warm yet plenty of sunshine. A perfect day to go visit my “soulful, joyful” place. It had been exactly 10 days that I had completely moved all of my things from my old house to my new home and I was ready for a good long walk.

A new friend whom I’ve recently met at my new place was also eager to enjoy being out in the sunshine taking a nice long walk to new trails. We spent about 4 hours at Reed Canyon soaking in the spiritual beauty of the lakes, waterfalls, creeks, lush greenery, and wildlife.

Being in nature is like a balm to my spirit. It renews me, centers me, and brings me unlimited joy. How about you?  My friend felt the same way. We are a good match.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that I know. And walk we did so much so that we didn’t even notice that the hour was getting late. We were in that zone – runners and mountain climbers refer to it as a high.

Have you also experienced that feeling when out in nature doing something that benefits your total body, mind, and spirit? Id love to hear about it.

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  1. Ditto! I love being outside, walking, and enjoying nature. I can go outside take a walk, go to the water and just sit or walk and I am completely revived. Tensions relieved and clear headed.

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