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Top Business Coach On Sustainable List Building

Bill Baren is dedicated to helping business owners get more clients. He is the founder of Bill Baren Coaching and has produced many sold-out live and online programs, including Client Mastery Blueprint, the Big Shift Experience, the Ultimate Entrepreneur Toolkit, and Master of Enrollment. His focus on list building stems from a desire to help service-based business owners have more clients say YES to their services.

Here are some nuggets from a recent interview with Bill.

List BuildingThe Basic Idea is that you want to steadily build and keep adding to a list of prospects. You want to convert them into repeat buyers of your valuable products or services, and you want nurture your relationships with them as you go along.

Mail out a newsletter on a regular basis. You have incredible value to give to the marketplace—believe in and work from, your own expertise.

Attract people who care about your particular subject. Give them something for free. Learn how to talk about a free gift. Make it valuable, and impossible to resist. They’ll choose to opt in.

Build your list fast. Always be building it. Make that your mindset. (Bill added 10,000 people in the last 9 months using teleseminars. His goal:  50,000 subscribers.)

Play a bigger game than you’ve ever played. You can transform your business from a dripping faucet to a waterfall by being consistent.

Everything needs to be done through a consistently applied system. You are a traffic generator for your biz.

#1 List Building Mistake

People usually build a list with the mindset that they’re trolling for clients, and it never works.

People will be thirsty for what you have to offer if you authentically love it yourself and go where your target people are.  Where do the people you love to be around hang out? Go to those arenas.

That way you can incorporate list building into everything you do, and you maximize everything you do.

You and what you’re offering will become a magnet for like-minded people. Make it easy on yourself and the people you want to attract.

Have fun and call it “networking.”

If you’re going to an event:

  1. Get in touch with the person who’s putting on the networking event before you go, and have them sell you on why it’s a good fit for you. You’ll raise your stature with that person.
  2. Ask the organizer, “Would you be comfortable introducing me to the very people that I should be talking to?”
  3. Go to the event and remind the organizer to introduce you. Remember, you’re not shy anymore.

Your Business Card Is a Powerful List Building Tool

Have different cards for different events if you need to.

Here’s how your biz card should look to attract the most people:

  • Front – Have picture of YOU covering the entire front. People like and remember pictures.
  • Back – Nothing but info about the free gift. In the headline/subject line, say what you’re offering. For example: “Do you want to have a great relationship?”
  • Then have a small paragraph, and a URL to the free gift. Keep the URL short.

You can also use this strategy without a website. Tell the person you’ll send them things from time to time. And when they say yes, you can add them to your list.

When you get others’ cards, write a note on each, reminding yourself what you’d like the outcome to be with each person.

Send these people a follow-up email with a link to the free offer. They’ll click it and come to your website.

List Building Should Be Embedded in Your Presentations

You create a connection with people when you speak in public. Make it 100% effective.

  1. Have a lot of good information for them.
  2. Be fully present.
  3. Email your presentation to all your clients.
  4. In the middle of the presentation say, “I have a free gift that works well with this [whatever it is you happen to be talking about].” Make it truly valuable to them. Usually 95% of people want it.
  5. Immediately send 2 clipboards around the room and ask for contact info, with a box to check if they want the freebie. This is “social proof” in action:  People see other people write on the clipboard and they do it too. The signup percentage is higher using clipboards. Be sure to tell people “double check that we can actually read your info. My notes are extremely valuable and I want to make sure you get them.”

When you ask a person on a date, you have to get up the courage to ask. And then when they say yes, what do you do? You talk their ear off and blow it.  All that courage wasted!

List building can have a similar dynamic if you’re not careful.

You don’t need to convince someone to be on your list. You want them to make a free choice based on what they find attractive about what you’re offering.
Some suggestions:

  • Don’t ever send out information without interaction.
  • End an email with an open-ended question (i.e., not a yes-no question) – The more they feel they’re in a conversation with you, the more readily they’ll respond.
  • Give people an opportunity to respond to what you say. Listen.
  • Ask people to Comment on your blog/newsletter. Give them challenges. And give them space to make a public declaration on the information they’ve received from you.
  • Use surveymonkey.com – Ask people what they think about your new book cover, for example. The more they engage, the more likely they are to respond and to buy from you.
  • Start a Facebook business page. Coordinating that with everything else will result in great conversations and increased traffic to your list.

Use your system to continually be engaged with your clients or customers. Give them great value. Know how to make offers to them. The size of your list will be much more meaningful if you’ve been truly engaged with each of the people on it.

In summary:  Sustainable list building means there will always be new people in the pipeline who are ready to be energized.

You need a cohesive system that allows you to go through each step.

Remember that information without implementation is clutter.

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