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The Top Three Mistakes New Business Owners Make In Growing Their Business

These three steps will empower you as a new business owner to grow your business. Many new business owners, solopreneurs do not grow their business because of self-sabotage and fear of asking for help.

Mistake #1 – No clear plan of action for your vision

What to do Instead -

1. Create an absolutely clear detailed Plan for what you want to accomplish and then write it down.
2.  Focus and make your goals detailed for what you want to accomplish.

Do you know what you want? Does the word “goal” put you off or scare you? It doesn’t have to. Set your goals in a co-creative way with your highest self. Think of it this way – What are you working towards? What are your intentions? Write down exactly What you want and Why you want it.

Mistake #2 – Thinking you have to work with and serve everyone.

What to do instead -

1.  Focus on your ideal client/customer – think of the people who have emotionally compelling problems that your solution solves for them.

2.  What problem or pain do you solve? What keeps your ideal client up at night? These are the people you want to market to.
3.  Consider that not everyone will want your products or services.

Mistake #3 – Reaching for those “shiny objects” – other business peoples’ messages.

What to do instead -

1.  Create your own unique heart centered marketing message.

It’s not enough anymore to just be unique. People connect with people. Let your heart shine through in what you do so that people who resonate will be drawn toward what you do by that emotional energetic connection.

People do business with people they know, like,trust, and desire to work with. Your message gives potential prospects an insight into who you are, what you offer them, why they might like to work with you, and it also establishes credibility. It separates you from the rest of the people offering the same product or services.

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4 Responses to “The Top Three Mistakes New Business Owners Make In Growing Their Business”

  1. This is so relevant for me right now, Sandi! I’m working on a marketing project and your three tips have set me off in the right direction! I feel that your last point is the most powerful one. Having it be heart-centered and real is where I imagine the connection begins with potential clients and customers.

    Thanks for this stellar post, friend! =)

  2. Samantha, I’m so thrilled that you found great value in this post for your marketing project. That was my main intention. Yes the more heart centered and authentic you are, the stronger the connection becomes. As my good friend Christine O’Dell says, you create Relationships of Reciprocity. I appreciate you.

  3. Sandi,

    All good points! I agree that #3 is something many business owners forget. People do business with a person, not a product. Most products are duplicated elsewhere, but there is only one YOU. Show your love for what you do and your prospects will connect with you.

  4. Thank you so much Karleen. And yes, you hit on the nail with your comment.

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