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The Top 2 Mistakes New Business Owners Make In Not Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

The practice of expressing and recognizing gratitude on a daily basis can be a life changing process. Long term studies support gratitude’s effectiveness. We all know stories that show how affirmations, having a positive, appreciative attitude, keeping a gratitude journal contributes to a greater sense of well being, a more positive work experience, better health, more overall performance in sports and business, and a faster rate of recovery from illness or surgery.

Gratitude literally changes your brain chemistry relating to dopamine and endorphins. It works very well after affirmations. Ian Biel said it best, “Connecting the left brain’s “inventory,” with the right brain’s feelings about them (gratitude) we wire our hemispheres together creating a more resourceful state.”

Mistake #1
Complaining about what we lack in our business.

When we practice giving thanks for all that we do have on a daily basis, rather than what we don’t have, we allow ourselves the opportunity to see life in a new way and consider it a blessing. When that complaining urge grabs you ( and believe me it happens), consider instead to make a list of everything you do have thats helping you to grow your business. You may be amazed by how better you feel knowing what you do have.

Mistake #2
Stressing over challenging situations in our business.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a challenging situation occur in their business? I don’t. We all experience this issue. However stressing out can only cause more issues and can over time harm your health.

Remember we’re not ignoring difficult situations. It’s more a matter of where we put our focus and attention. Challenges do exist. When we focus on the blessings we already have, we gain a sense of well-being that strengthens us to move forward in our business. Gratitude helps to give us balance and hope

How is gratitude impacting your business and your life?

4 Responses to “The Top 2 Mistakes New Business Owners Make In Not Having An Attitude Of Gratitude”

  1. Good question. Yes gratitude for having clients is very important, I am also very thankful for them trusting me fully and allowing me to see their transformations and reaching their dreams with more hope and more grateful attitude too.

  2. Excellent article, Sandi. I think this is something most of us know but tend to forget. Constant reminders to express gratitude are very important especially to maintain a positive attitude. Good job.

  3. Anne,

    Thanks for your comments Anne. And yes I most certainly agree with you. The trust factor is so important in a business relationship

  4. Sherrie thank you so much for your comments. Gentle reminders are essential I believe, especially in our fast paced world of today. Glad you found value in this post.

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