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Standing Outside In Your Underwear ~ Disclosing That You’re Paid For Advertising

FTC Rules For Bloggers, Affiliate & Internet Marketers Part 2:

Part 1 of this topic is here ~ Using Testimonials in Your Ads

And here’s the second basic thing to grasp about the new FTC guidelines:  We must now reveal any type of payment, fee, benefit, gift, reward, freebie, etc., that we get for putting out information about a product or service.

So if you get paid in any way for saying nice things about products or services in any advertising arena—affiliate marketing on websites and blogs, ads in magazines, conferences, meetings, billboards, in-person stuff and the rest—you also have to say you’re getting some kind of payment for doing so.

The bottom line is this for affiliate and/or Internet marketers and bloggers: When we talk about a product, we often have an affiliate link attached to that product. When someone buys that product, we get paid. According to the new guidelines from the FTC, we need to say that’s what happens. It’s that simple.

Think of it this way: Honesty occurs to people as very refreshing because of its rarity.  And that makes it a big attractor in its own right. Ask the very best marketing gurus.

Clarification:  A blogger who touts a product just because they like it, and they have no commercial relationship at all with the brand, doesn’t need to be worried about the new advertising guidelines. Be careful, though, if one of your blog posts is sponsored by somebody, because it could be construed to be an advertising endorsement and therefore be subject to the guidelines.

Here’s a great article by David Jackson about it: FTC Endorsements

Here are some actual disclosure statements that Michael Hyatt says you can use.

Here are some great tools to help you cmp.ly

Let’s hear it for reality marketing!

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