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Social Media Lead Generation

How to Generate Quality Leads Using Social Media:

Social Media MarketingWord-of-mouth (WOM) is the power of social media. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to generate leads is all about using a long-term strategy to build solid relationships, gain trust, and give value.

We’ll talk about LinkedIn in a separate post.

Let’s start with Twitter. You have 140 characters each time you say something. Think of how to say things that will get people’s attention in few words. Add as many people as you want.

Say something that will resonate with your customers and potential customers, to keep them coming back again and again. Remember, you’re building your brand.

As with Facebook, add friends and be social. Follow real people, and when people follow you, send them a “thanks for following me” message.

Your profile is a stripped down version of your story about yourself. Here’s who I am. Here’s what I do. Cut to the chase. Keep it simple and streamlined.

And don’t forget to post links from your blog in Twitter.

If you create an automated welcome message, be sure to suggest other people that the recipient may like to follow before you mention yourself. Allan Ward at bloggerbusinessplan.com has some great tutorials on this.

Now let’s take a look at Facebook. If you’re new to the FB juggernaut, think of it as going to a party and connecting with friends. For those of you who don’t like parties, here’s your chance to connect without leaving home. How cool is that?

Add friends, and always add a personal message such as: “Hi, I found you at Such and Such Marketing. I understand you’re involved with network marketing and attraction marketing. I’d like to follow you and connect.” Click and Add Friend.

It’s a good idea to add Friends’ birthdays, and to tout other events that are important to them.

Follow an expert, an influencer (do this in Twitter too). Participate with someone in your field who has a huge list of followers because they offer valuable content.

Establish yourself as an expert. Pass on what you’ve learned to your list of followers. Over time you’ll become a go-to person in your field.

Show “social proof,” or actual examples of how your business is performing. You can show your stats in a video format, or you can have individuals give their own testimonials for the value they received from your products or services

Treat your Wall like it’s your blog. This helps you turn relationships into business. The average person has about 130 friends. If just 1% of people visit your “Like” page (formerly “Fan Page”) and join your email list, you’ve effectively doubled your subscriber list. This is called Viral Marketing.

Tap into other people’s networks. Discovering connections between you and friends of your friends. Ask questions, listen. Be willing to offer free services/products. Give referrals.

As always, don’t complicate matters. Keep things simple, clear and focused. Be consistent and the money will follow!

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