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Profitable List-Building

Authentic, Heart-Centered, Profitable List-Building

How many times have you heard from network and Internet marketers that the money is in the list?

Well, it’s not.

The money is in the relationship: It’s in the value of the content you give to the people on your list. Consistently make what you say really matter to them, and you’ll gain their trust very quickly.

Zig Ziglar says that the more you help another person, the more you receive back. The same is true in building your list. The more excellent and relevant the content, the more people will read what you say. They’ll return again and again, and a great relationship will result, possibly with a well-qualified prospect for your business.

And what’s the definition of a “well-qualified prospect” or lead? The quality of your leads depends on three things: the source of the lead (who or what referred them?), the quality of the offer (what’s given away to people?) and the quality of the relationship you have with them.

Derick and Fabienne Fredrickson, business coaches extraordinaire, refer to “four pillars” of authentic list building:

  1. Where – The source of the leads; the traffic.
    • Is it from social media? – Know how and when to use, and always be tracking results.
    • Do you blog? You might consider doing so.
    • Some people have success with article marketing.
    • Everybody has success with videos and YouTube.
  2. Why – Why is the prospect interested at all? Because you’re giving them something very compelling. This is the irresistible FREE offer. It can be in the form of ebooks, CDs, free reports, PDFs, etc.
  3. How – How are you converting the prospects on the list?
  4. How are you turning them into customers/clients?Fabienne says, “People are silently begging to be led.” So what’s the best way to capture their information?Are you using squeeze pages or opt-in boxes or shopping carts?
  5. What – This is about retention. What are you giving your clients/customers on an ongoing basis to keep them on your list?

Again, free CDs are good, as are free reports, free newsletters, free “insider” tips and strategies.

And here’s an additional insider tip from Fabienne: Partner with another business owner whose product complements what you have to offer so you both win big.

As master Internet marketer Frank Kern says, “Our income is directly proportional to the value we provide to the marketplace.” Authentic list building means enjoying many happy, long-term relationships with your customers and target market. And that equals recurring income and financial security.

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