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Know Your Niche Market, Says Bill Baren

Marketing coach Bill Baren tells us that a description of the people in your niche market will answer three questions:

  • Who are the people who need what I offer?
  • What problem will be solved for them if they hire me?
  • What’s the result they want?

He goes on to say that understanding the answers to these questions will be an integral part of your success. Accurately identifying and claiming your “tribe” (the people you serve), and then delivering a result to them that they want, is what it’s all about.

Baren is a huge advocate of “knowing your niche.” He says that marketing and getting clients becomes so much simpler and more streamlined when you have this handled. Otherwise, it’s hard for your business to grow, and almost impossible for it to scale.

Bill Baren is a master at “the art and science of conscious success.”  Check him out here.

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