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How My Brain Stays Young

Today in the news we hear about diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. People suffering from these types of neurodegernative diseases have major inflammation in their bodies. Why is inflammation so rampant in our society today? Stress is a big contributor, the introduction of thousands of chemicals into the environment is another huge contributor, and the foods we consume can cause an inflammatory response in our body.

Eight plus years ago, my mental sharpness was drastically slowing down causing me to age more rapidly. I didn’t know at that time that inflammation was causing these issues in my body and that built up stress had caused my body to age more rapidly.

My profession had been teaching children with special needs. In working with these beautiful children and their families I had to think quickly and be fast on my feet.

A few years later after I changed professions, I noticed that my memory wasn’t as sharp as when I taught school. What I observed was that my brain was like a sieve with information going in and flowing right out. And my overall mood had changed as well. It was as if a different person was inhabiting my body taking control of my thoughts and my brain, causing foggy thinking, and mood swings Has this ever happened to you? I didn’t like what was happening to my body and I knew it was time to get some help.

Dr Daniel Amen, Brain Psychiatrist and author of the fascinating new book: “Use Your Brain to Change Your Age” writes that our brain can lose 85,000 brain cells a day if we don’t take really good care of it. That trend can be reversed by lifestyle changes, eating well, and taking premium quality nutritional supplements and super herbs.

Caveat: not all nutritional supplements are equal. As a Health and Wellness Educator I only recommend supplements from science based nutritional companies that utilize the highest form of quality control, and research and development

Here are some of the most effective nutritional supplements, plant extracts and super herbs that I’ve used which have made a remarkable difference for my brain health these last eight plus years.

Magnesium – a very critical Brain Booster which is needed for biochemical reactions in the body.. Most people today are not getting enough of this vital mineral. Eating nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans will provide your body with magnesium as they are rich dietary sources.

Vitamin B-12 – Research shows that B12 protects both the heart and memory as we age’ ‘Protect’ is the key word. Unfortunately, as we age it is more difficult for the body to convert B- 12 from food. This is where supplements come in. Make sure you’re purchasing the Neurologically Active Form of Vitamin B-12 which is Methylcobalamin. If you’re a vegetarian, check the ingredients on the label before purchasing. Many local markets have Health and Wellness sections where you can purchase B-12 and get your questions answered.

Vitamin D3- Have your healthcare professional check your 25 hydroxy vitamin D level. If it’s low get more sunlight and take supplements. And go easy on the sunscreen. Most people are not getting enough of this critical vitamin.

Omega 3-fatty acids -From fish oil or nut and seed oils. The two most studied ones are: EPA which helps to improve blood flow which pumps up brain function and DHA. These particular fatty acids are extremely critical for overall brain health and have other major health benefits as well. They are considered the healthy fats. Adding more wild fish to your meal planning benefits your brain and overall health. For vegetarians, like myself and vegans eating more spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, soybeans, tofu, and walnuts makes a critical difference.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – A very important nutrient. It helps with cognitive ability and reduces brain aging by improving the body’s ability to handle free radicals and oxidation. Liver and yeast are natural sources.

Acetyl L-carnitine – A bioenergetic nutrient which boosts energy and improves mental clarity.

Rhodiola Extract – A super herb which increases measures of mental performance, including cognitive thinking, short term memory, long term memory, speed of audiovisual perception, and information processing. .And this adaptogen also has been scientifically shown to improve the body’s resistance to stress.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract – This well known herb enhances memory and helps to increase blood flow.

CoQ10 – (co-enzyme Q10) Supports healthy brain function. Eating whole grains, nuts, and seeds is a natural source.

Curcumin – Derived from the spice tumeric. which is a powerfully potent root. David Wolfe, Wellness Nutritionist says that it builds consciousness and expands your brain. I’m all for that. Curcumin reduces brain toxicity of mercury and aluminum. And it decreases inflammation. You can go to www.pubmed.org to view other health benefits of this powerful supplement.

Remember to listen to your body. and to get enough sleep every night at least seven to eight hours. Your body is your temple and it knows best how you are doing healthwise. And of course do consult with your health care provider for your specific needs.

Please remember I am not a medical practitioner. I am a Health and Wellness Educator. The super herbs and whole food premium nutritional supplements and their benefits that I listed worked for me. They could work for you too.

About eight plus years ago I received a gift which allowed my body to rejuvenate itself. And even though I am older today, my brain and body feel younger and more alive right now.. And it feels just great.

If you would like to improve your brain health or you have questions for me, I would be honored to connect with you to find out how I can best serve you.

How are you committing to being healthy and whole? I welcome your comments.

18 Responses to “How My Brain Stays Young”

  1. I love this article. Thank you. We a lot of emphasis on our physical fitness and forget No Pun. On our mental well being. I would love to share this on my blog.
    Kelly Papotto

  2. Kelly so glad the article hit home base with you. I would be honored for you to share the article. Thanks so much. Sandi

  3. Great information, Sandi. Thanks for doing the research so the rest of us can reap the benefits!

  4. I appreciate the good information and resources. With a family history of Alzheimers and Dementia, this should be recommended reading for everyone in our age group.

  5. And we have also shared the article. Thank you again.

  6. Hi S. Kim,
    I do enjoy doing the research. And I love the benefits I receive from taking these amazing nutritional supplements and super herbs. And of course, I like helping other people to be at their optimal best.

  7. Joel thanks for your comments and for sharing the article. Yes, the more people in our age group who begin now to take steps, if they haven’t already done so will be helping themselves to live longer and age in a better way. And this information is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Dr Amen has great information in his books and I know that his supplements are top notch. And the Company I’m associated with also has top of the line premium nutritional products as it is a science based company

    Another book you might be interested in reading is “The Metabolic Plan” by Stephen Cherniske, M.S. Stephen is a nutritional biochemist and cso of Univera.

  8. Great information. The right supplements along with regular exercise and whole, clean natural nutrition will make a huge difference when it comes to keeping us physically and mentally young.

  9. Kirk, I couldn’t agree more. Exercise is most definitely a huge part of the total package. I appreciate your comments.

  10. I do not eat right. I do not excercise. I work hard and keep my mind working. Does that make me old? I hope not. It makes me smart, I think.

    Someday, I’ll be older and maybe out of shape. Maybe then I’ll rember your wise words.


  11. Digger, I appreciate your commenting.It’s really good that you keep your mind sharp. You may not ever have any health issues. Everybody is different and everyone’s body is different. However, isn’t smarter to start now to begin to eat in a healthier way and to do some form of exercise every day? The answer to that question is emphatically YES. More and more scientific research has proven that it’s best to start early in life.

  12. Hi Sandi,

    Thanks for sharing the list of supplements that are backed-up with scientific studies. Supplements won’t replace good eating and exercise but they may help when combined with an healthy lifestyle. For example Vitamin D3 helps delay the apparition of osteoporosis.

    I would be cautious however to jump into conclusion regarding preventing aging or retarding some medical conditions such as Alzheimer, Parkinson or dementia. It seems that specific genetic mutations and production of certain proteins in the aging brain and neurones are playing a role but no study has linked clearly lifestyle factors with neurodegenerative diseases.

    Having saying that if you don’t exceed the dosage recommended for the supplements listed here, it they don’t work at least they don’t hurt.

  13. Hi Anne,

    I appreciate your comments. It is a well established scientific fact today that nutritional supplements are considered part of having a healthy lifestyle and doing some form of exercise.

    The best response to your comments is for me to quote Dr Stephen R. Covey, well known author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me.”
    “Obesity, depression, and Alzheimer’s are current epidemics that are predicted to get worse. If you want to avoid them and improve your physical and mental health, read Dr Amen’s books. And I would add – read the books and follow the advice given.

    Just so you know, i’m not affiliated with Dr Amen in any way. I just appreciate a medical doctor and brain expert who offers steps to boost our brain to help us live longer, look younger, and dramatically decrease our risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

    I’m sorry if my article implied to you that I was jumping to conclusions regarding preventing aging or retarding some medical conditions.

    The aging process can definitely be slowed. That’s been scientifically proven. And yes, the nutritional supplements don’t cause side effects because they are plant based.

  14. Hi Sandi,

    You don’t need to apologize, I did not say you were wrong, I actually think it is a pretty good list. I am just a pharmacist who has worked many years in clinical research. Saying a food or dietary supplements has no side effect because it is a plant or is natural origin is a false affirmation. It depends on the dose. Most modern medicines initially were found in some poisonous plants such as digitalin extracted from “Digitalis purpurea” or colchicin extracted from “Colchicum autumnale”. Among the supplements you listed Ginkgo Biloba when taken with anticoagulants or with aspirin or other NSAIDs may increase the risk of bleeding. So my point is if there is any pharmacological effect there is automatically some sort of side effects depending on the dose or when associated with other products or with certain medical conditions.

    I admire Steven Covey for time management and organization but he is not a medical doctor and has absolutely no authority in the nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

  15. Good to know Anne that you are a pharmacist.A good friend and a leader in our Company just passed away recently. He was a pharmacist.

    I do know about certain herbs, supplements which when taken with aspirin or NSAIDS can cause medical issues. Thanks for the information on Ginkgo Biloba. From now on i will qualify my statements in this regard. All the premium nutritional supplements that I recommend have the warning labels listed if applicable on the bottles/containers. Our Sister Company does Research and Development and we have 177 patents.

    And I listed Stephen R covey’s quote because it was the one that closest resembled what I might have said. There are of course several doctors who also gave testimonials.

  16. Thanks for the great article Sandi! I love all the healthy tidbits you post.

  17. Sandy,

    I have been listening lately to some talks by Dr. Terry Wahls, who went from needing a tilt-recline wheelchair (due to MS) to riding 18 miles on her bike. She did this by drastically changing her nutritional intake. I encourage you to listen to her Ted talk if you haven’t already. She covers just what you talk about here – how the brain reacts to nutrition.

  18. Karleen thank you so much for this link. I will definitely listen to it.

    We live in an amazing time when people are finally waking up to the fact that within nature and within the human spirit we do have most everything we need to heal ourselves.

    A woman I met 8 years ago through networking was told by her doctor to expect to be in a wheelchair within a very short period of time. She was extremely overweight and had recently fallen while dancing and now was walking with a cane. Through a period of trust and relationship building, she started taking the products from my Company Univera – bringing the best of science and nature to humankind.

    Rhetah never did need that wheelchair. She gained a new body and a new life. And she’s still dancing today

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