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Your Email List: The Basics Of Permission-Based Marketing And Magnetic List-Building

So what exactly is permission-based marketing?

Email MarketingIt simply means that you’re attracting prospects/customers to you by giving them something of value for free, in exchange for their names and email addresses. You then have permission to communicate with them about related products/services.

Over time they listen to you and learn from you. And they return again and again for your products or services because they’ve grown to trust you.

Imagine yourself as a magnet for people in your target market, your niche. Imagine them all clamoring for your attention and saying, “Yes, I am interested!”

That’s what permission-based marketing is all about. And it’s all done with FREE traffic!

Here are a few basic low- or no-cost techniques for building a list of devoted followers:

  1. Install an opt-in page on your blog, offering a free report or videos.  Give away some solidly useful information.
  2. Weekly tips and/or a newsletter.  Again, it’s all about value.
  3. Make some short videos.  It’s not hard with a webcam.
  4. Make good use of social media:   Facebook “Like” pages, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Biznik are all opportunities to build valuable relationships.

Compiling a permission-based-marketing list is probably the most important first step to growing your business, online or off. And the benefits can be astronomical.

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