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Building Trust Is An Essential Prerequisite To Selling – By Tessa Stowe

Building trust between you and a potential client is a very important step that needs to occur first or else they won’t buy from you.

Follow these 7 tips for building trust with a potential client:

1.    When having a sales conversation, explore whether you can help the person get what they want. Forget about selling because as soon as someone feels you’re trying to sell something, they’ll instinctively not trust you. That’s just human nature. If, however, someone feels you are genuinely trying to help them, they’ll be more likely to trust you and buy from you.

2.    Ask questions. When you sincerely ask a potential client questions and you come from the perspective that you want to understand if you can help them, the more likely they are to trust you. Please note the word “sincerely.” People will know if you’re just asking questions because you think you ought to.

3.    Listen to people. When you ask someone questions actively and sincerely (there’s that word again), listen to their answers. Put yourself in their shoes and listen from their perspective. Be fully present and release all judgment. The more you sincerely listen to someone, the more they will trust you.

4.    Watch what you’re thinking. You may not realize it, but when you’re talking to a potential client, they will pick up on what you’re thinking and feeling. There is no hiding this! So before you have a sales conversation, check to make sure you’re feeling and thinking thoughts that will result in the person trusting you.

5.    Do what it takes to build up your confidence. If you don’t feel confident, people will sense it. If you’re not confident, chances are the person you’re talking to will not feel confident about you. This will impact the level of trust between you. Identify ways you can increase your confidence in having a sales conversation. What courses can you take, what books can you read and so on?

6.    Be your word. In your conversations, ensure that what you say you’ll do and what you actually do are in 100% alignment. If you’re not in alignment you won’t go far. Be your word and people (including you) will trust you.

7.    Tips 1-6 are essential, but if you really want to accelerate the process of building trust, get yourself known as an expert in your niche/target market. People trust experts. They believe (rightly or wrongly) that you wouldn’t have reached “expert” status unless you knew what you were doing. If you’re serious about building your business and building trust, get known.

Implement these 7 simple tips and you’ll be amazed at the increase in trust you’ll generate. I assure you this will result in more business for you.

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