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Break Through To Motivation

When you are trying to jumpstart or break through to your motivation, just focus. Focus on what you do best until you feel things opening up. Maybe it’s great customer service. Give your all to it. Or maybe it involves posting content on your site. Whatever it is, give all your focus to that particular piece and do it well. Do it and be present in the moment, then let go of all the other things that are swimming around in your head.

By being open to surrender, you allow for an “aha” moment to download itself into your mind. The breakthrough you are searching for will come. It might arrive in the shower or after a long walk in nature. Relax and give yourself some space and ask your inner business expert (aka “inner child”) what’s next. The answers may not show up all at once, but you’ll be surprised at what does arrive.

Remember to focus on what you know best and the answers will inevitably come.

2 Responses to “Break Through To Motivation”

  1. Yes, and the “focus” can come at the oddest moments — either up or down moments when the “feeling scale” could be registering high or low for us.

    By way of example, during a tired, not-the-brightest-spot-in-our-day time an idea may come…

    You get up,
    Write that idea down (focusing),
    And discover a bit more motivation in the process.

    Simple, but true.



  2. Exactly. Simple, but true. Thank you for your great example. We appreciate your comment.

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