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Are You Taking Risks In Your Business?

Well the weather finally cleared and sun is shining again. Time for a walk in the woods near my home in Portland, OR. As I walked I reflected back to that First Thanksgiving and the brave courageous band of travelers who dared to dream of finding a new home where they could practice religious freedom.

Did they face adversity? Yes, major adversity. Did they have fears? I would venture to guess that the answer is “yes”. Did they let their fears get in the way of their dream? NO. Did they follow through and persevere? Yes.

They made a decision to step into their vision. They committed to sticking with it against all odds. They took action and made it happen. Why are so many of you afraid to commit?

Imagine for a moment, a different scenario for our brave band of travelers. Imagine that a few of them began to think and voice their thoughts: “If we knew that the ship will carry us safely across the ocean, if we knew that we will find land, if we knew that there will be food for us eat, if we knew that there will be wood for us to build homes, if we knew that the inhabitants will be kind to us, if we knew…… then we would commit to this journey.”

Would we be celebrating our Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. if the Pilgrims had waited for the answers? I think not.

There are no guarantees. Let Go of guarantees. Life and your business are not the same as a product you might purchase. The experiences, the risks, and failures we undertake are the greatest lessons we learn.

And so I ask you again, are you taking risks in your business? Are you jumping into the soil of your dreams and making your vision a reality?

2 Responses to “Are You Taking Risks In Your Business?”

  1. I am making my vision a reality! Without the risks and the courage we will never go as far as we can to make our dreams manifest. It takes commitment and the ability to venture into the unknown to make a business successful.

    Thanks Sandi for encouraging us to be pilgrims and pioneers for our own ventures!


  2. Thank you so much Christine. I so appreciate your support and encouragement.

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