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Are You Changing Your Business With The Season?

It is a glorious day here today in Portland, OR. As I was walking in the woods near my home, it occurred to me that just as nature changes from one season to the next we too need changes in our business.

What “leaves” are you allowing to “fall” away in your business? What are the “acorns” you are “storing” to have on hand for your clients/customers? From season to season, nature has a plan.

1. Are you planning for this next new year in your business?

2. Do you have goals and a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve in your business?

3. Are your thoughts in sync with your success plan?

4. Are you working smarter not harder by being productive?

Just like nature, when you plan ahead by having the steps in place and have your thinking clearly focused on your business, you will be that much closer to achieving success.

2 Responses to “Are You Changing Your Business With The Season?”

  1. Hello dearest Sandi!

    Great post! Yes, Ma’m… we always have to evolve and adapt… We make sure that we have clear goals and outcomes for the year, yet we’re also able to be flexible with scheduling and unforeseen events. Great ironies you have here!

    What do I allow to fall like the leaves? Well, problematic and challenging clients who never seem to appreciate. I am very choosy with whom I work with. They have to be coach-able and have to come from an abundant mindset and they have to have great expectancy of what we can do together… When they are focused on what they are not getting versus what they are getting, it makes for a difficult Mentor/Mentee relationship.

    As for the acorns I am storing? I store wisdom, knowledge and invaluable relationships… I keep a keen eye on whom I can support and who can in turn support me… I pay attention not just to the movers and shakers but more importantly the up and comers… the diamonds in the rough ;)

    I absolutely appreciate you, Sandi!!!

  2. Emma dear,

    You have made my day. Thank you so much for your comments on my post.

    I so appreciate YOU and the wisdom you share in these comments and on your blog.

    And it is so true that in our business and in life, when we allow change to occur; by evolving and adapting, then our outcome is so much the better.

    Blessings to you Emma, dear one.

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