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14 Ways To Empower Yourself

Make a decision to do what you know best and delegate or outsource the rest.

Make your plan and follow it.

Stay healthy to stay confidant.

Doing too much of the wrong thing holds us back and can lead to procrastination. Don’t do too much of the wrong thing.

Be dedicated.

Recognize the potential for vulnerability.

Change your thought pattern: Ask yourself, “How well am I serving my clients/customers?”

Change your actions; a single strategy doesn’t always work.

Focus and stand out. Your assets are unique. Be memorable. You won’t appeal to everyone all the time. Just accept it.

Be clear on the difference between wanting and needing.

Be where you need to be to deliver your message.

Do make mistakes. Mistakes move you forward.

Step back, breathe and stretch when you get overloaded.

Be willing and prepared to ask for help.





2 Responses to “14 Ways To Empower Yourself”

  1. This is such an important list! Thanks so much for putting this together! Right now, one that has kept coming up in my life and that I feel I need to focus on is my health! We often underestimate how important our overall health is as expressed through nutrition and fitness. I feel that it affects my overall well-being — and I need that cheerfulness and energy to keep on keeping on! =)

    Loved this post! =)

  2. We’re so glad you liked the post, Samantha! And yes, we do underestimate how important our good health is . . . until we get injured or sick. Then it becomes the most important thing of all. And you’re right again—great health equals cheerfulness equals energy to keep going! Thanks for a great comment!

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